30 Day Ban for Criticizing Shariah Law on Facebook


Last time I got a 30 day ban on FB it was for posting vile threats a liberal had sent me. Breitbart stepped in and got my page back with an apology…

I’ve had a good run since then, trying to outsmart the ways Zuckerburg’s shadow bans and silences conservatives on FB. But someone dug real deep and found some angry comment I made to a left wing troll that was defending the state sanctioned abuse of women in the Middle East as “uncommon.”

You see, you’re not allowed to criticize Islam or shariah law on any level on FB.

We all know as colorful as my language is, that FB does not ban people for swearing…..but anything negative said about Shariah Law or Islam is considered “hate speech.”

This isn’t though….

….but pointing out how women get beat and treated like property under Shariah Law is though.

This threat to kill Kavanaugh’s entire family also doesn’t go “against Facebook standards….”

That’s ok, but these posts made by conservatives were not…

The censorship bias is real. I’ve been watching my conservative peers get picked off one by one….nothing is being done.
The rumor is that the left is digging hard through conservative Facebook accounts trying to find things to flag and ban for. It must have honestly killed them to not to find something in time to purge me before the election.

The Left’s campaign for women’s rights ends, where their virtue signaling for Islam begins. Remember, these are the same people that see a hijab as a sign of female empowerment…while ignoring the fact women are publicly beaten for not wearing one in Iran.

I’ll be on Twitter in the meantime, @iheartMindy

3 thoughts on “30 Day Ban for Criticizing Shariah Law on Facebook”

  1. Welcome to my world! I’ve been banned twice for 30 days with only few days in between for simply posting a screenshot of the comment I made that says illegal immigrants are criminals for entering US illegally 🤷‍♂️ . Yes, that’s it . Now FB nazzis banned me again on the 9th just few days after the second 30 day ban for same exact reason, when I commented on my friend’s posts about him getting out of a 3 day ban . Apparently he had some liberal snowflake screening his account 🤷‍♂️

  2. I got a suspended for posting anti Muslim remarks and asking for sharia law to be enforced!! Disgraceful that free speech is not allowed on Facebook!!

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