California Senator Scott Wiener Proposes Bill To Protect Sexual Predators


Remember that piece of shit senator that brought you the right to KNOWINGLY and purposefully infect someone with HIV and have it only be a misdemeanor?

Meet Senator Scott Weiner, the patron saint of all soy boys.

Yes, that’s him. That’s an actual United States Senator.

Put…on…a….damn shirt, before your meatless ribs poke someone’s eye out.

Please explain to me how someone who legally weaponizes giving someone AIDS on purpose, is somehow an LGBT hero? That’s literally the most irresponsible God-awful thing a human being can do to someone. Honestly. WTF.

Well now this shining pillar of the community is bringing you another insanely degenerate bill.

I give you Senate Bill 145

As much of a pleasure as it is reading through the purposefully confusing legal jargon…

….let me give you the jist of it.

They want to make it so that if there’s less than a 10 year age difference, a convicted sexual predator DOES NOT have to register as a sex offender.

So an 18 year old, can rape an 8 year old….and not have to register as a sex offender. What the actual fuck, California?

I get being worried about statutory rape when a guy’s 18, and maybe his girlfriend is 16 or something like that…..but 10 fucking years?

It seems Democrats just want to protect themselves and their circle of rich, powerful, pedophile friends.

Feel free to let him know what you think too…

Mindy Robinson

Twitter/Instagram @iHeartMindy

2 thoughts on “California Senator Scott Wiener Proposes Bill To Protect Sexual Predators”

  1. How in any civil society can a disgusting bill like this pass the scrutiny of a decent human beings. Allowing the legal rape of a child by a teenager or the purposeful infection of another unsuspecting person with a deadly disease is despicable. What kind of sane person could ever consider these actions to be acceptable?

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