The Liberal Matrix and the Way Out


“You, Liberal, you think you are a free thinker, but you are not. You are here because you were sent here, you were told to be outraged and you obeyed. You don’t even remember your instructions. You hear and you do. The FBI investigates Hillary (gasp) what villains! The FBI investigates Trump (gasp) what heroes! Obama mocks concerns about Russia (gasp) how witty! Trump has diplomatic relations with Russia (gasp) it’s treason! Obama is President for 8 years (yawn) what Confederate statues? Trump gets elected (gasp) those monuments to race hatred must come down! Laughable.

To call you sheep is a disservice to sheep, at least sheep produce something. You are more like arrogant goldfish. Wide-eyed, and with a comically short memory, you eat whatever story you are fed, without question. Then, when you are full of  righteousness du jour, you squeeze out the expected result and swim around in it. You will die (literally or figuratively) and be flushed away, only to be replaced by a new goldfish. And no one will remember you unless they are reminded. You doubt this? Tell me, who is Cindy Sheehan, hm?

You are a goldfish. Your only hope, your only chance to escape this role, is to stop obeying long enough to ask Why. The Why is what separates us from them, me from you. The Why is the real intellectual power. Without it, you are powerless, and this is how you come to me, without the Why, without power. Fear not, I have seen how good you are at following orders. I will tell you what to do now. Run back to your elitist masters with this message: Your time is almost up. Now I have some real business to attend. I will say adieu and goodbye. I am meeting some… Neo… person. Remember what I said (if you can) or don’t. What do I know. I’m Justa Gaibroh.”

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